We Need Your Brains

Your Feedback is Important

Your feedback on the worksheets will help us improve the content. Saying, "It's crap!" for example, lets me know you didn't like it. Saying, "It's crap because he said the same thing over and over again," is more helpful. If I watch it and agree, I can put a different video on that worksheet.

Tell Me What You Want

Tell me what other categories you would like to have available. I'm a Christian missionary, so I will not do R-rated content. But I used to work in steel mills and foundries, so some bad language doesn't offend me. If you find offensive language in a video and it is not worth the content, let me know in the feedback section.

Tell Me If It Is Too Difficult

Tell me if there should be prerequisites before watching certain technical videos. I can note it on the worksheet or see if we can make a worksheet with the required training.

Make A Worksheet For Me

I'm not the only one with ideas, that's why I need your brains. If you think of a series that could be useful, make a worksheet of it and submit it to me. I'll check it out and if it seems good, post it on the site. If you like, put your name as author.

Let me know where else I need your brains!