Tips and Tricks

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing to remember is that you are doing this for yourself!!

You will get as much as you want from this program. If you follow the organized studies, take it slow and do a good job. Learn the material. You will build on it as you progress, and you are the one who will benefit from it.

If you go the self-directed route, again, you are in charge. And you will be the one who benefits from it.

If a course of study takes a year, that sounds like a lot. But since normally we get about seventy years or so to live, one year isn't very much. Especially if during the rest of your years you are in better jobs or feeling better about yourself.


Worksheets are one-page documents that have five videos to watch or five articles to read. If the videos or worksheets are extra long, there won't be five.

Let me know in the feedback area if a page takes too long. A page should take less than an hour.

Also let me know if the content is poorly done, rambles too much, or isn't worth the time to watch.

There are some simple questions to answer for each one of them. Stop the video about one minute from the and answer the questions. That way it will be fresh in your mind. Unless you liked it a lot, you won't want to do it again, so this part will be done.

Answer the question about watching or reading completely, right after completing it. You can cheat if you choose to, but it doesn't hurt me, it hurts you-- you are the one trying to learn this material.

A Few Tips

If you have a good, free (or cheap) connection, try to download all of the videos or assignments to view later. That way you won't be stopped by no internet connection.

With your phone you can make good progress while you are waiting at the DMV or in a doctor's office, etc.

Take advantage of free internet at a restaurant or other place where you can easily wait awhile.