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Welcome to MySkewl!

Welcome to a school completely directed by you and your interests. All I intend to do is give you guidance as you explore education opportunities available on today's internet.

This is not a school in the regular sense. We are not accredited, just trying to guide study.

My concept for this comes from the Bible where Paul says the law is a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. I will not be preaching or teaching from the Bible, this is just a good concept.

The idea of a schoolmaster here is a guide, someone who points the way. I want to help you see how you can learn the things important to you from the free resources available on the internet.

Do you like to work with machines? You can find it on the internet. Do you like to work with plants? Again, you can find what you want on the internet. How about carpentry, sewing, cooking, boating...? You get the picture.

Look on the How This Works page to see how this works.

Look on the Tips page to get some tips that might be of help.

Check out the We Need Your Brains page to see how you can help us improve this experience for yourself and others. I am not looking for money, but some of your time and good ideas from your own experience.

Check out the boxes below to see what might be of interest to you.

Mostly, have fun. You will probably be happier and more productive in the future from the training you get from these pages.

Mike Kangas

Free, Self-Directed Study

Download FREE!

Come see what we have available on the resources page… and at the same time, download the books and other resources FREE for your Sunday School!

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Free Organized Study

Check out these free tools to make your Sunday school STAND OUT!

Put some effort into making your classroom or area stand out with this artwork.

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You Pay, Organized Study

Children LOVE crafts!

Crafts will always make class more fun. These ideas are easy to do from whatever country you are in. Download the free patterns and start crafting!

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