How This Works

Choose Your Path

You know what direction you want to go. We can't always do what we prefer to do, but we can always do something.
If you want to get official credit and pay, check out our suggestions for that.
If you want to follow free organized classes, go that route. Organized classes are mostly acedemic; like, math, geometry, finance, etc.
If you want to gain skill or understanding for your job or for a job you want; if you want to understand a process or field better, then maybe the free, self-directed study is what you want.

Start Doing Something

If you want to go for organized study, our links may be of help. There are many sources of organized study, both paid and free, but they are organized by the folks at the other end of our links. You have to follow up with them. You may want us to help keep track of your studies, let us know your progress, and I will try to work with you.
If you want to go for self-directed study, I have some ideas for that on the Free Self-Directed page.

More about Self-Directed Study

These studies are in two plans.

One self-directed plan is to follow a set of links from one of our links pages, watching the videos or reading the articles, and just gleaning what you can from them. No assignments, just casual learning.

The other self-directed plan is to follow a set of links from one of our links pages, watch each video or read each article making notes according to the sheet, giving feedback, and then submitting the sheet to me.

I will attempt to give you a certificate for each completed sheet you submit in this manner. (If the demand is low, I can do it. If it gets too high, I might respond slowly.)

The certificates have value in two situations.

One, as you get a bunch of certificates, you can see for yourself that you are watching, reading, and learning. Great for self-esteem.

Two, if you can show your current employer or employer for a job you want that you have ten or twenty certificates, representing fifty or twenty videos you have seen and/or articles you have read on what you are applying for, it will at least show your sustained interest in the job.

Even if you don't show the certificates to your current employer, the training can make your job easier and help you do a better job. That is worth something.

Your time is the most valuable commodity you have. Put it to work for you!