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Some people will find useful training in this site. Others will think it's a waste of time. If you happen to think it's a waste of time, you don't have to tell me. Don't waste your time on it.

If You Want To Help

If you want to help improve the concept I am working on, send me your ideas.

If there is a technical glitch in the site or in the way I am writing the worksheets, let me know.

I Know This Isn't a Real School

That's why I used the word "Skewl" in the domain name. It's kind of a school, but not a real one. But I think it can help some folks who have never had an opportunity like this, or who have never had a vision of what they could do with their life.

I started doing missionary work in 1980 and have seen folks in lots of countries. I am 68 now, live in Mexico and still do missionary work pretty much full-time. I have seen lots of folks in lots of countries who could benefit from this, so it is them I am aiming for.

I am pretty busy, but in my spare time I am trying to start this. I have no funds for it, so it will be very simple. But since I am using free resources, it can work.

If I can help

If I can help a few more people with this, I'll be happy.

Well, to be honest, I'm already happy.

Feel free to contact me if you like.