I am retired now, but as a young man I yearned for more education. Education at a university was expensive and too far away from the town I lived in for me to take advantage of it. I had jobs that scarcely fed me and my family and it seemed there was no way out.

I found training where I could get it.

I found some in the Air Force reserves. I studied still photography, videography, jet engine mechanics, meteorology, and many other things. After I became a Christian, I took many Bible and ministry courses and in 1980 became a missionary to Ireland. The mission board sent my wife Vickie and I to Capernwray Bible School for a year.

When we returned to Oregon a couple years later, Vickie and I began taking university level courses, one at a time. She studied teaching because she is naturally gifted in teaching. She has a BS in Elementary Ed. I studied some accounting and then computer science, hoping to run my own mission some day. I've been running it for almost thirty years now.

I am 68 now, live in Mexico and still do missionary work pretty much full-time. So in my spare time, I am trying to start this. I have no funds for it, so it will be very simple. I've been a missionary in lots of countries and it is the same anywhere-- some people will appreciate this. If I can help a few more people with this, I'll be happy.

Well, to be honest, I'm already happy.

I hope this will be useful to you.

Mike Kangas